Sunday, 8 May 2016

Angler hunts the legendary Lusca sea monster.

Multiple giant craters on the floor of the Barents Sea is believed by scientists to be the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of more than 8,000 people in the Bermuda Triangle. A famous angler is now seeking to unravel the mystery of disappearing swimmers in the Bahamas.
Jeremy Wade, the angler, is on a hunt for a sea monster which, according to Caribbean legend, is as ferocious as a shark and has the grip of an octopus. Called Lusca, the creature allegedly could slurp people from the surface of blue holes surrounding the Bahamas.
Wade, who shares his adventure with TV viewers in an episode of Animal Planet’s "River Monsters" which airs on May 5 at 10 pm, says that based on his investigation, the creature is possibly a giant octopus.
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The Lusca is a sea monster described as half shark, half dragon, half octopus or an evil spirit depending on who tells you.It lives in the blue holes off an island in the Bahamas and grows to over 75 ft (23 metres) .
On January 18, 2011, the body of what appeared to be a giant octopus washed ashore in the Bahamas. Reports suggested the remains were not complete and only a portion of the head and mouth parts of the creature were there. Locals said the creature would have been 20 or 30 feet when alive.Witnesses claim they have seen   boats suddenly being pulled below the waves above the Blue holes. The wreckage of the vessels raises to the surface with no sign of the crew.
So kraken ,giant octopus or a natural phenomena caused by the blue holes? Lets hope Mr Wade returns to tell us.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

New Yowie Sighting ?

Victoria Resident Claims Encounter with Bigfoot-Like Creature

Posted on Apr 16 2016 - 4:42am by Cryptozoology News

AUSTRALIA — A man claims he recently saw an 8-foot bipedal creature in Southeast Australia. The Victoria resident, who provided a full name but requested to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News on Saturday that he was hiking in Mount Pilot March 12 when he spotted the undetermined creature.
“I was looking for a photography opportunity,” he said. “I was walking alone, up the trail. There were trees on either side and it was approaching dark. Further up the trail, I heard a large animal moving through the undergrowth.”
The 26-year-old store owner added that he suddenly saw the animal running across the trail and that it then disappeared.
He described it as an 8-foot creature walking on two legs with long arms and a short neck. Its body, he said, was “covered in a shaggy brown hair”.
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There have been reports for years of the “Yowie “ in Australia. A creature similar to Bigfoot but even more elusive.See here:

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Robot in Loch Ness

Underwater robot probes depths of Loch Ness
A robot has been used to investigate what lies in the depths of Loch Ness.Kongsberg Maritime used its torpedo-shaped Munin drone, which is equipped with sonar imaging, to survey the bottom of the loch.Fresh discoveries made by the robot are to be announced at an event near Loch Ness later on Wednesday.One piece of information that has been released is that Munin did not confirm a claim made in January of a new deepest point in the loch.A tour boat skipper Keith Stewart recorded a depth of 889ft (270.9m) on sonar equipment he uses. The official maximum depth, which still remains in place, is 754ft (229.8m).Among material Munin did detect was the wreck of an unidentified sunken boat.
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Maybe this is why Nessie has moved to the Thames lol .

Monday, 11 April 2016

Nessie in the Thames?

Another sighting was reported yesterday of a strange creature in the Thames River London.

Loch Thames Monster: Mysterious 'Nessie' creature filmed in London AGAIN
A MYSTERIOUS creature – said to be the fabled Loch Ness Monster – has been filmed in London for the second time. Unbelievable footage appears to show a large creature swimming along the River Thames yesterday.The clip is believed to have been taken in the Docklands area of east London – very near where "Nessie" was filmed last week.The mythical beast was spotted swimming near the O2 Arena – the former Millennium Dome five days ago.
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The film reminds me of a fictional TV series from a few years ago called Surface that showed similar footage of a creature in the Thames.  It is most likely to be a whale that has wandered off course. Unless Nessie in on her holidays!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Holiday's Theory about Nessie may be invalid

Fishy origin of bizarre fossil 'monster'

By Helen Briggs BBC News

Scientists say a worm-like fossil with mysterious origins is actually the ancestor of living fish.
The 300 million-year-old animal was found at an Illinois mine in 1958 by fossil collector Francis Tully.
The "Tully monster" has been a puzzle to scientists ever since, and has been likened to worms and molluscs.
US researchers say the fossil is a backboned animal rather than an invertebrate as once thought, based on an analysis of 1,000 museum specimens.
Their findings, published in Nature, place it firmly on the tree of life of vertebrates and related to fish such as lamprey and hagfish.
It has a rudimentary backbone, which has been misinterpreted in the past as a trace of gut, said Victoria McCoy of Yale University.
"The Tully Monster is very weird looking but we found it is related to modern lamprey," she told BBC News.

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It rather puts paid to Holiday's theory of the Loch Ness creature being a giant tully monster as he said it was invertebrate.A bit about his theory here:

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


I apologise for the lack of posts recently. Its due to severe ill health and my eyesight being badly affected by illness. There has not been a great deal of news in the Cryptozoological world the last couple of months but maybe the arrival of spring will bring forth more sightings as people venture out into the countryside. If I have to give up the blog I will leave it online for people to read.Other sites have borrowed stuff from it ,many without citing where they took it from, so I think it will still be useful to some,long after I have gone. Keep searching everyone and who knows what may be sighted this year xx

The beast of Tazewell County

Did a hairy monster stalk Tazewell County?

I came across this on my daily meander through the internet. So what do you think- was it collective hysteria or did people really see something? Anyone knows anything about this please post a comment. It takes a lot to get 100 armed men together and into the woods to search , if that is true!
Did a hairy monster stalk Tazewell County?[Illinois] | 06 Nov 2006 | AP Posted on 07 November 2006 02:47:56 by FLOutdoorsman
Thirty-four years ago in Tazewell County, 100 armed men walked the woods around East Peoria's Cole Hollow Road in search of a monster. The search was called off about 7:45 p.m. when one of the men accidentally shot himself in the foot. The creature was never found. The monster hunters were looking for was dubbed the Cohomo Monster, a beast thought to be lurking in Tazewell County in the summer of 1972. James Donahue, Tazewell County Sheriff in 1972, still remembers the infectious hysteria of that summer." At the time it was a very big deal," Donahue recently told the Pekin Daily Times. "Several people indicated they'd seen a monster up in that area. It was described as something like Bigfoot. All the neighbors showed up. We spent a lot of time up there. We never found anything to substantiate the claims. We were up there for a week or two weeks. A lot of volunteer people came out looking for this monster." On Tuesday, July 25, 1972, Creve Coeur authorities reported that a witness saw something big swimming in the Illinois River. The following evening, the Tazewell County Sheriffs Department received a call from a Eureka man who said he and his family were having a birthday party in Fondulac Park in East Peoria. The witness said he and his party saw strange lights come in a vertical position and go down behind some trees. The light allegedly left a vapor or smoke trail. That same night, more than 200 phone calls about monster sightings jammed the switchboard at the East Peoria Police Department. On July 28, a rural Pekin woman reported that she saw Cohomo while picking berries by an old coal mine. The woman told the Tazewell County Sheriff's office she was so scared she ran off, leaving her purse behind. That same night, East Peoria Police said two reliable citizens claimed they saw Cohomo. It was described as 10 feet tall. The creature's face had long, gray U-shaped ears and a red mouth with sharp teeth. The reliable citizens said the creature possessed thumbs with long second joints and looked like a cross between an ape and a cave man. Newspaper articles of the time suggest that Cohomo had a horrible smell, sometimes compared to that of a wet dog, rotten eggs, or as sulphur-like. The Cohomo craze swept over Tazewell County. It's hard to pin down exactly when and where all the excitement over the Cohomo monster started. Old articles found in the Daily Times archives blame a monster called Momo who was first spotted in rural northeastern Missouri a year before the Tazewell County sightings. One of the first Illinois reports came from Randy Emert, then 18, of Peoria, who claimed he spotted some type of hairy creature in the woods near Cole Hollow Road in Tazewell County. Emert said he didn't report seeing the monster at first because he feared people would think him crazy. In 1991, the Peoria Journal Star received a phone call from Emert, who said that he made the whole thing up. Emert told the newspaper that he and his friends made the story up to scare another friend who worked late nights at a gas station. But one remains. If Cohomo was the product of mass hallucination, caused by the sightings of a Missouri monster called Momo, why did only the citizens of Tazewell County invent the elusive beast? And although he has no idea what it may have been, Donahue says he thinks somebody may have seen something.